A week of celebrations

This week has been rather successful for me (minus the A&E visit for my mum). I’m really working towards changing my lifestyle. As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race

Slimming world

This week as I stepped on the scales I was hoping for 1 1/2lbs off to make me half a stone lighter. As I looked at the digital numbers I was chuffed to see I’d made my first milestone plus an extra lb! Walking out of group 8lb lighter and with my certificate in my hand I felt like I was back at school in class with a special award.

Mother’s Day

So my 8 week old son (daddy&granny) did very good at picking his mummy’s presents. I received the cutest mug and keyring. A flower/plant to put outside which il show my little boy when he’s older and a Fitbit. I’ve got to say I adore my Fitbit! It really is making me move more, the couch potato that I am has walked 4 miles today! I was treated to a lovely meal and a few glasses of white. The perfect first Mother’s Day!

Mummy life

This week my little one made it a whole 5 hours solid sleep for one night (it was heaven). He made up for it yesterday by not napping at all and only having 6 hours sleep last night. I hope tiredness isn’t a killer! Living on 5 hours sleep, looking after a baby and a house is going to make me go grey very young! I even had a few tears I was so tired but when his big eyes and little grin look straight at me I know it’s all worth it.

The rest

  • Whilst a trip to A&E isn’t always good I saw a poster about volunteering which I’m going to look into
  • My dog ate my little boys favourite woolly hat
  • I saw one of my best friends in her wedding dress

All in all it’s been a successful week (majority of days). Now I’m currently laid in bed cuddling a dumbo comforter so it smells of me. Thankyou for reading. Goodbye until next time xxx


what day is it?

What a week I have had. Since when do I not even know what month it is let alone day. I have my diary and planner up but still find i’m checking it 3 or more times a day.

So this week I started slimming world as I’m the biggest I have been and just wearing my pregnancy clothes as I refuse to buy new clothes as I look awful in them. (Much happier in my pjs) Plus I think my partner would quite like to see me in something nicer than Bridget jones knickers! First week done and 5 1/2lbs down, Well done to me if I say so myself!

Then there is my little boy who has such a character already. On his 7 week Birthday he decided to scream ALL day! No matter what I did he screamed. Lucky for me granny had agreed to have him whilst I got my nails done. I turned up there with a banging headache but left feeling revived, don’t feel bad for having time out to yourself. When I got back “arghhhhhh” as I walked through the door. He finally stopped about 20:30 for a snooze. Why does my baby not like sleep? Then Today I was having 40 winks when I was shouted as he was head to toe in poo. Thankyou boys I do love you! However I do keep prompting my partner that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend!

Hints I may have dropped:

1) A wants to get mummy lots for mothers day

2) There’s lots of nice gifts for Mother’s Day

3) Remember its Mother’s day

4) I hope I’m not disappointed in sunday.

5) It’s my first EVER Mother’s Day this year.

Don’t worry I have spoilt my own mum. Il let you know if my partner understood my subtle hints and if I’ve lost more weight next time 😀





6 weeks in

First things first, I’m 23 with a 6 week old little boy. I live with my fiancé and my mum, 2 dogs and a cat so you can say it’s a busy house hold. I want to start writing a blog just to put my thoughts somewhere and if people decide to read it then even better.

Since having my little boy we have also moved house and got our first mortgage so it’s been a challenging time especially when people say babies sleep a lot (mine does not). So juggling a baby, visitors , anxiety, setting up home, recovering from a c section, many appointments and lack of sleep it’s been tough but I wouldn’t change it for the world (just extra sleep)

Il be writing about whatever pops into my head at the time and any challenges/achievements I may face. Goodbye until next time