what day is it?

What a week I have had. Since when do I not even know what month it is let alone day. I have my diary and planner up but still find i’m checking it 3 or more times a day.

So this week I started slimming world as I’m the biggest I have been and just wearing my pregnancy clothes as I refuse to buy new clothes as I look awful in them. (Much happier in my pjs) Plus I think my partner would quite like to see me in something nicer than Bridget jones knickers! First week done and 5 1/2lbs down, Well done to me if I say so myself!

Then there is my little boy who has such a character already. On his 7 week Birthday he decided to scream ALL day! No matter what I did he screamed. Lucky for me granny had agreed to have him whilst I got my nails done. I turned up there with a banging headache but left feeling revived, don’t feel bad for having time out to yourself. When I got back “arghhhhhh” as I walked through the door. He finally stopped about 20:30 for a snooze. Why does my baby not like sleep? Then Today I was having 40 winks when I was shouted as he was head to toe in poo. Thankyou boys I do love you! However I do keep prompting my partner that it’s Mother’s Day this weekend!

Hints I may have dropped:

1) A wants to get mummy lots for mothers day

2) There’s lots of nice gifts for Mother’s Day

3) Remember its Mother’s day

4) I hope I’m not disappointed in sunday.

5) It’s my first EVER Mother’s Day this year.

Don’t worry I have spoilt my own mum. Il let you know if my partner understood my subtle hints and if I’ve lost more weight next time đŸ˜€






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