A week of celebrations

This week has been rather successful for me (minus the A&E visit for my mum). I’m really working towards changing my lifestyle. As the saying goes slow and steady wins the race

Slimming world

This week as I stepped on the scales I was hoping for 1 1/2lbs off to make me half a stone lighter. As I looked at the digital numbers I was chuffed to see I’d made my first milestone plus an extra lb! Walking out of group 8lb lighter and with my certificate in my hand I felt like I was back at school in class with a special award.

Mother’s Day

So my 8 week old son (daddy&granny) did very good at picking his mummy’s presents. I received the cutest mug and keyring. A flower/plant to put outside which il show my little boy when he’s older and a Fitbit. I’ve got to say I adore my Fitbit! It really is making me move more, the couch potato that I am has walked 4 miles today! I was treated to a lovely meal and a few glasses of white. The perfect first Mother’s Day!

Mummy life

This week my little one made it a whole 5 hours solid sleep for one night (it was heaven). He made up for it yesterday by not napping at all and only having 6 hours sleep last night. I hope tiredness isn’t a killer! Living on 5 hours sleep, looking after a baby and a house is going to make me go grey very young! I even had a few tears I was so tired but when his big eyes and little grin look straight at me I know it’s all worth it.

The rest

  • Whilst a trip to A&E isn’t always good I saw a poster about volunteering which I’m going to look into
  • My dog ate my little boys favourite woolly hat
  • I saw one of my best friends in her wedding dress

All in all it’s been a successful week (majority of days). Now I’m currently laid in bed cuddling a dumbo comforter so it smells of me. Thankyou for reading. Goodbye until next time xxx


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